Astrid Jensen is a small, independent, family-owned business hiring out luxury candy carts for weddings, celebrations and special events. We are based in Glasgow and travel all over the Scottish mainland to help make your special occasion a big success. 




We are often asked where the name 'Astrid Jensen' came from. Is she a real person? Alas no - there is nobody of that name working here! 

The name came from our love of all things Scandi and is a nod to the fabulous Georg Jensen whose craftsmanship and design are world-renowned. The name 'Astrid' is of Norse origin and means 'divinely beautiful'.

Our aim is to bring you expertly crafted and divinely beautiful Candy Carts as befits our name.  

We are a mother and daughter team and involve the rest of the family as much as we can (or as much as they're willing!) 

I'm  Andrea Sharpe (Event Consultant) and have a background in early years education and business. I do all the admin/digital media/event stuff. 

My very talented daughter Carrie Sharpe (Creative Designer) is an architectural and 3D modelmaker. She creates and makes our wonderful designs. 
Carrie is also mum to Annabelle aged 12 and Aaron aged 2. Their little brother is due at the end of January 2019! Aaron has been a big part of the workshop since he was teeny - he has his own play area and loves to help out! Annabelle enjoys visiting in the holidays. She's very creative like her mum and also our chief taster! Their little cousins Oliver and Cameron love to visit too and we all enjoy going out into the garden beside the workshop. 
We are both very creative, totally committed and work to a very high standard.

It's so important to be able to trust your wedding or event supplier and we promise to deliver you a great service. 

  Click here to get in touch - we're not magicians but we'll do everything in our power to help make your special day truly marvellous!